About Us


Vharangi Trading was established in 24 November 2015. Founded being Mulalo Ivon Nelwamondo. Vharangi Trading was formed in August 2011 operating as an informal business. The intentions of the company was to establish itself as a competitor in the cleaning chemicals and floor polish manufacturing industries and also general dealing or supplies in South Africa.

Currently Vharangi is recognized by its quality floor polish named Vharangi Floor Polish, cleaning chemicals, cleaning materials, supplying of cleaning materials , general services and associated services to the industry. Vharangi Trading products are produced and supplied to the best quality and good housekeeping.
Vharangi Trading purchases its raw materials from reliable suppliers which supplies environmentally friendly and biodegradable products.


We will provide a planned approach to hygiene and our product range will meet our clients' needs at an economical end use cost.


We strive towards being the market leader providing cleaning and sanitizing products with a high level of backup services to our clients.